Make gorgeous candy boxes for your love

Would you like to romance your love this Valentine’s Day? Give him or her that special gift out of a box you made yourself from beautiful luxurious designer paper. That beautiful paper box enhances your gift and lets your love no that you really care about them. And let’s face it, in romance, it’s the details that count.

First go to your favorite craft store and buy yourself the most luxurious velvety silky paper you can get your hands on. Make sure that it’s at least 12 in.² and made of heavy stock. If you just have to make your box out of the center paper, make sure you back it with the second sheet of paper to give it body and strength.

Here’s a list of other handy items that you’ll need to make this project:

  • Beautiful paper 12 x 12 or a size that can be cut down
  • paper cutter
  • Modgepodge
  • pencil
  • tissue paper
  • beautiful ribbon

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your paper is 12 in.². If you’re using two pieces of paper treat them as one piece. Use your ruler to make sure that each side is 12 inches. If not then use your paper cutter to square your sheet. If you don’t have a paper cutter, good old-fashioned ruler and pencil will do. Just make sure to remember the old saying: measure twice cut once. Take care to cut your paper square. This will make it easier to make sure that your box top covers your bottom box.

Using your ruler and pencil, draw an X across the back of your paper from corner to corner. Now, turn the paper so that one corner is facing you. This will orient the paper as a diamond rather than a square.

Take the bottom corner and fold it up so that the tip of the corner meets the intersection of your vertical and horizontal lines. Do this to all four corners. It should now look like a square again.

Open the top and bottom flaps. The top corner should point up; the bottom corner should point towards you.

Fold the right side so that the edge meets the center and press. Do this to the left side.

Keeping the paper oriented, open up the entire sheet. All your folds are oriented vertically.

Bring the bottom corner up to the center of the page and fold. Along the rightmost fold, cut from the bottom edge up along the crease, to the top of the folded triangle. Repeat on the left most crease. You now have two vertical slits. Repeat for the opposite top corner.

Fold the bottom tip up to the center as before. Now fold the tip back down to the bottom edge. Repeat for the top.

With the bottom of the fold facing you, use a little modgepodge and glue those flaps down. Do that to the top ones too. Use modgepodge to glue the center points down.

Turn the sides up and hold the flap corners between your thumb and forefinger. Now wrapped the sides up and over the flap covers. This will lock the flaps in place. Three sides will be done now. Repeat with the last side and modgepodge in place.

To make the bottom, take your 12 x 12 sheet and trim off 1/8 of an inch off two adjacent sides. Now make the bottom exactly as you did the top. The adjusted width will make it small enough so that the top will fit over it. Decorate with ribbons, stickers, hand painting or calligraphy and enjoy.

Sit back and take delight in your beautiful candy boxes! Give with a cute present or a meaningful gift to you BFF or your love. Enjoy!


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